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NutCheeselogists? Nary Dairy? Local Chefs Center Incubates Delicious Startups

With recently received funding of $170,124 from a Community Development Block Grant, Chefs Center of California, a local food-based business incubator on North San Gabriel Blvd. in East Pasadena, installed 84 solar panels that generate one third of their daily energy needs.

Chefs Center was one of four local community development programs to RECEIVE A CONGRESIONAL RECOGNITION AWARD by Congresswoman Judy Chu for how the programs spent the Community Development funds. READ MORE


Need Help Starting Your Concept? Read This. Business incubators can help entrepreneurs establish their fledgling ideas and concepts.

Most quick-serve entrepreneurs know that the early years of business are the hardest. Digging up the resources and consumer interest necessary to make an operation succeed is an increasingly difficult task in an incredibly competitive market.

But across the country, entrepreneurs are discovering that business incubators—where rents are relatively low and access to experienced mentors is high—can help their new concepts get off the ground and plant roots among the public. READ MORE


Trendy truck fare, gourmet goodies to star at Chefs Center of California weekly food fair.

By Janette Williams, Staff Writer. PASADENA - Anyone with a Friday night hankering for a pork-belly slider, a kimchi tamale or a gluten-free cupcake to kick off the weekend can head straight to the Chefs Center of California this summer. READ MORE

DALY NEWS - JUNE 15, 2011

Daly News writes a story about our very own Annette Starbuck.

L.A.'s Ultimate Goodie Girl Annette Starbuck Wins the Season 3 Premiere Episode of Food Network's 'Cupcake Wars'. The Designer Cupcake Artist Brought Her 'Petite Treat Affair' to the Kentucky Derby's World-Famous Star-Studded Event Where Starbuck Won the Baking Competition. READ MORE


Larry Wilson: A yogini's pose adjusts into the Cookie Monster

The students down at Yoga House on State Street began to notice a couple of years ago that the ethereal yogini Nancy Wadsworth, one of the most popular teachers there, was having to miss a lot of her classes.

We were told a parent was having health issues back East. And pretty soon Nancy had to go on leave. And that means, for a teacher, that your classes get reassigned. READ MORE


Baking 1,000 pies? Rent a kitchen.

By Anna Spinner. They were just cinnamon buns, but selling them would be illegal.  That’s what Angela Garrott, 43, found out when she brought the manager at the farmers’ market a batch of homemade buns and crescent rolls to sample.

The manager said Garrott could start selling her goods at the farmers’ market, but not until she started baking in a certified commercial kitchen. READ MORE


Chefs Center in Pasadena hopes to get it for wholesale

By Janette Williams, Staff Writer. PASADENA - Since it opened in July 2009 as Mama's Small Business Kitchen Incubator, about 150 food-related operations have made use of the professional state-of-the art kitchen in a former Peruvian restaurant off Colorado Boulevard.

Now, with a name change to Chefs Center of California, the nonprofit is planning to help users branch out into direct sales to local grocery chains. READ MORE







KTLA Features Chefs Center
on morning newscast!
Newscasters Impressed! * Chefs Center-Based Businesses Impressive!

KTLA reporter Allie Mac Kay visited Chefs Center and couldn't say enough wonderful things while featuring the Center during morning and 1pm newscasts. Three Chefs Center-based businesses, Lisa & Mo, Elite Eats, and The Goodie Girls, were inspiring as they worked while being interviewed in our largest kitchen. You will enjoy the four different segments even if you have seen them already.






Hundreds of people show up every Friday to dine from a variety of foods from several local gourmet food trucks, shop from tables filled with Artisanal Foods and Baked Delights, sit and relax with family and friends, and tour Chefs Center. Among them was Fritz Coleman, a weathercaster for KNBC-TV in Los Angeles and KNSD-TV in San Diego, who captured some of the fun and excitement before and after broadcasting the weather live at Chefs Center on June 17. The food truck operators and artisans started and/or expanded their businesses by using the Center's resources. This video clip focuses on the food trucks.


This video clip focuses on food trucks and artisans selling their specialized foods from tables.


Chefs Center of California is a licensed, commercial food preparation and education center that is designed to help small business entrepreneurs start new food-based businesses and accelerate the growth and success of existing enterprises.